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About Us

Great people, making great wine.

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The People

Stoney Ridge couldn't make the premium, quality wine we do without premium, quality people.

The Place

Stoney Ridge is a special place, on special ground. Learn what makes Stoney Ridge Grand Rapids Wine Country.

 Stoney Ridge Vineyards was established in fall of 2012. It was our hopes to transform a sleepy old farm house sitting on 18 acres into peaceful and welcoming vineyard and Tasting Room that folks like yourself would enjoy visiting as much as we enjoy living here. And our greater hope to become a tradition.

 We are located in northern Kent county in the northwest corner of the area referred to as "The Ridge". The Ridge has long been known to be an agricultural mecca. Its ability to grow some of the best fruit and vegetables in the US if not the world is due to the topography and soil left behind by glaciers. With gentle rolling hills and fertile clay loam soils it can help protect against the spring frost and yet hold the much needed moisture needed through the summer months.

 With "The Ridge" having 30+ farmer markets, greenhouses, and other attractions and being just 25 miles from the lake shore along M-37 we feel that we have a location that can be a place for people to stop in on their way up north or enjoy as a day trip to visit many markets. Either way "The Ridge" is becoming known not only as an agricultural mecca but also as a tourist destination.

Cheers and Welcome to Grand Rapids Wine Country. 

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